5 tips for witches to help with panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks can interrupt you without giving you warnings. You are just working on a spell, you summon a spirit or you read your favourite magic books and out of the blue, your inner demon jumps out and grabs you by the neck.

How are you going to help it cool down? This article has been written to suggest techniques for managing your anxiety when you realise that a panic attack is about to strike. 5 tips on how to help your panic attack are not just for fellow witches but they are for everyone who needs them.

Witches who are close to nature can help us realise how nature is reducing anxiety. But also to remind them that they acquire spells and techniques to tame their stress and fears.

Tell someone

If you are in a crowd inform a person near you that you are having a panic attack so they can locate a quiet place for you to go and have a moment. It would be helpful in case your panic attacks are frequent to speak to a family member or a trusted friend about it so they attend to your help when it is needed.

Fill a pouch with magic herbs such as lavender or chamomile

If you know that your panic attacks are frequent you can make a pouch filled with magical herbs 🌿that calm the nerves and carry it in your purse all the time. When you sense a panic attack find a quiet place, sit down and smell into your magical pouch until you feel a bit calmer. The dream pillow can have the same effect. In case you don’t have a panic attack pouch and you are at home, just huge your dream pillow. It will take you to the following step which is 👇

Meditate on your mantra word visualise your happy place

A nice technique to take you out of the stressful moment is repetition. If you are a witch you are familiar with the fact that many spells use specific wording and need repetition to be successful. The same is with the mantra words or phrases that have the power to catch and focus your attention elsewhere. In these specific moments what you need is to move out of the loophole and think about more positive things. Get prepared with words or phrases that witl take you to your happy place or remind you that this moment is not here to stay and will pass soon. So phrases like “it will pass soon” or “take me to my happy place” might be helpful to re-focus your attention.

Walk in the nature

Endorphines are what you really need to reduce the frequency of panic attacks. Walking in the forest or by the sea or make light exercises will help the body to release endorphins and make you feel more energized. From my little experience with yoga I know that helps with tension and anxiety, so it might be worth enrolling in a class. There are also plenty of online courses that help you with yoga techniques.

Learn your trigger

Anxiety about money, crowds, accidents, etc might cause panic attacks. If you know what triggers your panic attacks you can reduce their frequency by learning about your phobias and learning about how to manage to live with the things that make you shiver.

Use comedy to ease overwhelming thoughts

Many people find that comedy and laughter release the tension of the moment. Making a joke about serious subjects like funerals or illness can reduce stress and overwhelming feelings. You do not belittle the situation. You are just comforting the pain.

Let’s say you worry about death. Picture the skeleton death figure in his shroud trying to slice a watermelon with his scythe but the bonds in his hands are so weak that they keep following apart and the watermelon always outwits him. It might seem silly but that is the point!

Further suggestions

If you feel that you need more support with your anxiety and your panic attacks, I would suggest you take a look at panic away free audio and check what further support you can get from panic away


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