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Is the onion a thaumaturgical ingredient?

Cooking and witchcraft go hand in hand throughout the centuries. We can find many common ingredients. In this article, though, we are focusing on the onion. We can witness an excessive use of all kinds of onions in Greek cuisine. References of it can be, also, found in Homer, Herodotus, Theophrastus and Dioscorides. Ancient word In the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, athletes ate big proportions of onion before the competition to boost their strength and cleanse their blood. In Rome, Gladiators used similar techniques to strengthen their muscles before they got into the arena for the fight.In Egypt onion...


Which Gods did the witches believe in?

There are many different assumptions about which Gods did the witches believe in. A common belief was that witches worshipped multiple gods, like pagans, or that they dedicated themselves to the One God for his guidance. In medieval times, people believed witches were Devil worshipers of course. Nevertheless, what was important for witches was to find ways to understand the world and protect themselves from the unknown. In the past, demonizing anything incomprehensible, was the way to explain the world. That is why there are thousands of gods representing natural phenomena in cultures from all over the world. Gods are...

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The magical properties of Dittany

Every place has its own special herbs. That is why witches from around the world used the herbs that were available to them instantly. Many of the herbs have similar properties and powers. This means that different herbs could be used for the same incantation or cure. If a witch couldn’t find a specific herb she was always looking for its substitute. However, some of them were highly popular and very specific to what the witch was trying to achieve. One of them is Dittany. (Origanum Dictamus) Dittany of Crete is a very powerful herb that has been used since...