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4 reasons why we dream about cars

4 reasons why we dream about cars?

The archetype of the car in dreams If someone asked me how come the car is already an active symbol in our dreams with its contemporary shape I would reply of course that you have to blame “saint” Henry Ford for that. He developed the first car that was meant to be an essential tool in life. However, in ancient mythologies, we see gods have their own types of vehicles like chariots and carriages so we see modern vehicles have archetypical symbolism because it is not just the shape but the message they convey. Let’s list 4 reasons why we...

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5 tips for witches to help with panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks can interrupt you without giving you warnings. You are just working on a spell, you summon a spirit or you read your favourite magic books and out of the blue, your inner demon jumps out and grabs you by the neck. How are you going to help it cool down? This article has been written to suggest techniques for managing your anxiety when you realise that a panic attack is about to strike. 5 tips on how to help your panic attack are not just for fellow witches but they are for everyone who needs them....