How to use Basil in spells

Even if you are a beginner in witchcraft and you have no idea where to start, I would say this. Your culinary cabinet is full of magical herbs and spices that you can start to practise your witchy inspirational spells with. One of the most common and very powerful herbs for prosperity and wealth spells is basil. In all modern and ancient traditions of the world we can observe basil in ceremonies like weddings, funerals as well as deity worshiping.

A bit about tradition and folklore

In Hinduism wearing a crown made of basil suggested that the person could be very wise. The tulsi plant is the earthly manifestation of Goddess Tulsi in Hinduism. It is also related to Vishnu and Krishna. In Hindu tradition relatives put basil leaves in the hands of a descendant to ensure they are getting into the arms of god safely. In Christian religion basil was the plant that grew next to the Holy Cross as an indicator to Constantine the Great and his mother to retrieve it.

Basil and the Basilisk

Basil is connected to the basilisk myth. This royal reptile was a royal predator that could kill you only by his glaze. It was believed to be born from a union of a serpent and a rooster. Contrary to the common perception, basilisk seemed to be very small although very mighty and vicious beast. The only antidote was a very powerful herb that tool its name from the reptile. Although in most traditions basilisk appears as an evil creature that is malicious and disastrous, in Alchemy basilisk symbolises the destructive force of fire that breaks down the four elements. A necessary virtue to transmute the metals into gold and immortalizing tonic potion that was produced from the philosopher’s stone.

What do witches know about basil

Witches used basil to manifest prosperity and love. The most common use was to attract money and wealth by using it in various spell recipes. The intense smell and its vivid green colour reminds the colour of the money and that is why wealth spells with basil are always successful – even if you don’t believe it so much 😉-.
A pot of fresh basil can bring wealth and prosperity in the household even if you are not practising any magic at all. However, it needs good care to flourish and bring its prosperous gifts to your house and workplace. There are various types of basil plants however all of them need a warm environment to live in. That is why I would suggest if you live in a not so warm climate as I do, bring your plant inside when the winter is imminent. In that way you protect your plant and your wallet.

A very powerful spell with basil to bring new customers and keep away the thieves

basil 3
basil 2

How to cast your spell

You start your spell on a waxing moon. Put the water and basil leaves into your pot and boil for 90 minutes. While your water with basil leaves is boiling you can say out loud your wish. For better results, I would suggest you write down precisely what you wish for. For example: ‘I wish to attract many customers into my shop’ I would go even more specific by saying what I am selling, where my store is located and how much revenue I wish to make. On these 90 minutes you could read a prayer, as well, if you are worshipping a specific deity. Additionally you can light a candle in the colour of green to empower wealth and prosperity.

When you finish your potion dry the basil leaves then spray them with your favourite perfume. Keep them safe on a small green bag. You can use them as an incense burning them on small charcoal or in your fireplace. Following to that you put your potion into a glassed bottle and take it out to the waxing moon. You take it in when the sun rises and take it out again when it is dark. You do that for three nights. Every morning, before you take it back in you read your wish out loud. After the three nights you can spray the water in your store or your workplace, or even your house. For this to be more empowering you can start your spell on a Thursday, day of Jupiter that is associated with the principals of growth, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. I would go on researching which hour is more empowering for me to start my spell according to my birthday or a time of the day that is more powerful the day I start my spell. You could do that once a month or whenever you need to attract more money into your business.

Common Properties

• Helps with blood circulation
• Soothes migrants and headaches
• Amplifies memory
• Basil extract helps stomatitis
• It is recommended on morning sickness



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