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How to use Basil in spells

Even if you are a beginner in witchcraft and you have no idea where to start, I would say this. Your culinary cabinet is full of magical herbs and spices that you can start to practise your witchy inspirational spells with. One of the most common and very powerful herbs for prosperity and wealth spells is basil. In all modern and ancient traditions of the world we can observe basil in ceremonies like weddings, funerals as well as deity worshiping. A bit about tradition and folklore In Hinduism wearing a crown made of basil suggested that the person could be...

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Calendula, Calendula Greek Witchcraft, and Folklore

When I was a young girl, I spent lots of my time in my grandma’s garden. Outside her front door, there was a big metal barrel, which was made like a huge pot. There were different kinds of short plants in it. There were plants in it that were blooming at specific times of the year, but there was just one yellow-orange flower that was blooming at the beginning of every single month. My grandma used the name katifes to describe it. We commonly know it as Calendula I cut its flowers and its leaves, and I mixed it with...

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Pomegranate, the fruit of life and death

For most people, the new year starts on the first of January. Many rituals take place on that day, and various other fortune and good luck spells take place on New Year’s Eve. However, for a witch, the year usually begins with the first fallen leaves, right at the beginning of September.One could wisely think that Fall is the time when nature starts to get old and the end is inevitable, so it seems unlikely that anything good can start now. The old witches left anything they didn’t like behind and they paved the way for new, successful things they...