Which Gods did the witches believe in?

There are many different assumptions about which Gods did the witches believe in. A common belief was that witches worshipped multiple gods, like pagans, or that they dedicated themselves to the One God for his guidance. In medieval times, people believed witches were Devil worshipers of course.

Nevertheless, what was important for witches was to find ways to understand the world and protect themselves from the unknown. In the past, demonizing anything incomprehensible, was the way to explain the world. That is why there are thousands of gods representing natural phenomena in cultures from all over the world. Gods are nothing more than thought-forms. At some point in history, a community of people, who imagined that a spirit must be responsible for a phenomenon, was the creator of a thought-form that might continue to exist and be worshiped to this day.

Witchcraft and Christianity

In Greek culture, a witch could be a devout Christian and still invoke ancient deities or deities from a different culture for help. Magic practices seem to contradict with the One God’s faith, however, witches could reconcile various practices and beliefs only because they believed that any deity was the expression of the same natural force.

At the core of their belief, there was always the One God. But it didn’t have the same meaning as in the Christian faith. Witches believed in one energy that regulates the whole world. This energy is the beginning and the end of the world that keeps it in balance. God is a perpetual force whose glory can not be comprehended by the human mind. This is why the old witches did not speak about it or name it. It reminds us of the first verse from the Tao Te Ching:

Tao can be talked about but not the Eternal Tao
Names can be named, but not the Eternal Name.

Could anyone become a witch?

Witch Religions
Witchcraft Alter

To understand an abstract idea, the human mind has to put this idea in order. It has to have a beginning and an end because the human brain can not comprehend the infinite. So the gods that witches worshiped were nothing more than an attempt to break the infinite whole into small pieces. Witches have never been excluded from a coven because of their religious beliefs. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hebrews, etc, were all welcome to take part in rituals, as long as they believed in a supreme being.

What did witches believe?

Witches were deeply religious beings. Their main intention was to reunite with the infinite. Being one with God is a very long and difficult path that demands time, resilience and devotion. And this journey of knowledge could go on for many lifetimes. That is why they needed time and easy ways to cover their everyday needs, so they could inextricably devote themselves to their main goal. There are a vast number of spells and incantations for welcoming money and abundance. If a witch managed to manifest abundance in her life and advance on her spiritual journey, they were considered to be enlightened. People who used spells and rituals to gain money and material possessions or power and fame among men, but remained on that level of success were considered by the old witches as usurpers of the power. They were shallow people with nothing to contribute to the collective intelligence.


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