Witchcraft Groups and Societies

Witchcraft is an ongoing studying process and no one can claim they know everything about the spiritual world and its practices. That is why we created this page to allow your personal preference to flourish through visiting various websites, where you can study and broaden your knowledge on natural religions like Wicca, Paganism and Traditional Witchcraft. But, also, places where you can find support and a warm welcoming to your keen desire for occult studies and spirituality.

Pagan Sites
Pagan Organizations
Traditional Witchcraft Sites
Gardenia Witchcraft
Hedgewitch Traditions

The author is not following any particular witchcraft coven or tradition. The goal of this blog is to inform, through research, about witchcraft and share folkloric stories with the public. However, the above list is a place where our visitors are free to explore the world’s heritage of natural religions. It is going to be a frequently updated page, in which new websites will be explored and brought to you by the author.