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How to use the pillow of dreams and manifest your future

Pillow of dreams is a very fun magical tool for your witchcraft chest. Dreaming is the magic process that the human brain is going through while we sleep. It is one of the most tangible things that connects us with other dimensions, past lives and the future. Dreams are subject of interest to many professions like psychology, psychotherapy, neurology, academic research. We shouldn’t forget Freud and his “Interpretations of dreams” which introduced the dream analysis in the psycho-therapeutic process. Although Freud introduced dream analysis into the modern medicinal world, dream divination is present in almost all the cultures and religions...

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The magical properties of Dittany

Every place has its own special herbs. That is why witches from around the world used the herbs that were available to them instantly. Many of the herbs have similar properties and powers. This means that different herbs could be used for the same incantation or cure. If a witch couldn’t find a specific herb she was always looking for its substitute. However, some of them were highly popular and very specific to what the witch was trying to achieve. One of them is Dittany. (Origanum Dictamus) Dittany of Crete is a very powerful herb that has been used since...