4 reasons why we dream about cars?

The archetype of the car in dreams

If someone asked me how come the car is already an active symbol in our dreams with its contemporary shape I would reply of course that you have to blame “saint” Henry Ford for that. He developed the first car that was meant to be an essential tool in life. However, in ancient mythologies, we see gods have their own types of vehicles like chariots and carriages so we see modern vehicles have archetypical symbolism because it is not just the shape but the message they convey. Let’s list 4 reasons why we dream about cars

  1. Cultural Significance: Cars have a significant impact on modern society and are often associated with concepts such as freedom, mobility, and personal identity. They represent a means of transportation and exploration, allowing individuals to travel to different places and experience new things. These cultural associations and meanings can be reflected in dreams as symbols of personal journeys, progress, or the desire for independence.
  2. Personal Experience: Many people have personal experiences and memories associated with cars. Whether it’s learning to drive, going on road trips, or daily commutes, cars often play a central role in our lives. These personal experiences can make cars a prominent symbol in dreams, representing different aspects of our individual experiences, challenges, or goals.
  3. Symbolic Attributes: Cars possess specific symbolic attributes that can be applicable in dream interpretation. For example, cars can represent control over one’s life, as the driver has the power to steer and navigate the vehicle. They can also symbolize ambition, direction, and the ability to make progress in one’s goals. The condition and state of the car in the dream may also provide insights into one’s emotional or psychological well-being.
  4. Archetypal Motifs: Cars can be seen as part of a broader set of archetypal motifs that appear in dreams. These motifs often represent common human experiences or struggles. For instance, a car breaking down or being unable to start might symbolize feelings of being stuck or hindered in one’s life. Alternatively, dreams of driving fast or recklessly may indicate a lack of control or a need to slow down and reflect on one’s actions.

Why influences your dreaming

We live a big part of our life in cars. We go to work in it. We stack in traffic in it. We go on road trips on it. We have sex in it. Sometimes we literally live in it. I personally have lived many great moments in my car and because of my personal background, I am very fond of driving I grow a great attachment with every car that I drive no matter if its mine, a rental, or a borrowed one, to the point that I might start talking to it and paying my respects when I have to part with it even if I used it for long or short term. Let’s talk about 4 reasons why our dreams are influenced by cars!

  1. Familiarity and Relevance: Cars are an integral part of our daily lives, and we often interact with them on a regular basis. The familiarity and relevance of cars in our waking lives make them likely candidates to appear in our dreams. Our dreams tend to draw on elements from our waking experiences, and since cars are so prevalent in our lives, they may naturally find their way into our dreams.
  2. Symbolic Representation: Cars can symbolize various aspects of our lives, such as personal freedom, control, progress, and independence. These symbolic representations can manifest in our dreams when we are grappling with issues related to these themes. For example, if you are feeling restricted or lacking control in your waking life, you may dream of being unable to steer or control a car. Similarly, if you are embarking on a new journey or seeking independence, you may dream of driving a car.
  3. Emotional Significance: Cars often carry emotional significance for individuals. They can be associated with specific memories, experiences, or even emotions. Dreams often serve as a way for our minds to process and work through emotions and experiences. If a car holds emotional weight in your life, it may surface in your dreams as a symbol or representation of those associated emotions.
  4. Metaphorical Meanings: Cars can also take on metaphorical meanings in dreams. They can represent the journey of life, the path we are taking, or the direction we are heading. Dreams may use cars as a metaphorical vehicle to explore themes of progress, decision-making, and personal growth.
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We feel in our cars

  1. We feel separated from others or we create strong connections with our friends! When you are inside a car, you are physically separated from the immediate environment and people outside of the vehicle. The enclosed space of the car can create a sense of privacy and separation from the outside world. This physical separation may contribute to feelings of detachment or isolation from others. Additionally, The interior of a car can create an intimate and private space where conversations and interactions can take place. The close proximity of individuals within the confined space of a car can foster deeper connections and meaningful conversations. The lack of external distractions can also contribute to a sense of focused engagement with others. Cars often facilitate shared experiences, such as road trips, long drives, or daily commutes. These shared experiences can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. The time spent together in the car allows for conversations, shared laughter, and the opportunity to engage with one another in a unique way. This shared time and space can foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among friends.
  2. We feel invisible in our cars! The enclosed space of a car can create a sense of being in your own personal bubble. This can lead to a feeling of being separated from others and not directly engaged with the external world. As a result, you may feel invisible or less visible to those around you. When you are inside a car, particularly during a commute or when passing through crowded areas, it’s common to feel detached from your surroundings. The car’s insulation from the external environment, including noise and visual distractions, can create a sense of isolation and detachment. This feeling of disconnection can contribute to the perception of being invisible.
  3. We feel in control, or losing control! Cars symbolize personal power, autonomy, and control over one’s movements. When you feel in control of a car, it can evoke a sense of confidence, freedom, and empowerment. The ability to navigate the vehicle, accelerate, and make decisions about the direction and speed can contribute to a feeling of being in control. On the other hand, the feeling of losing control while in a car can arise from situations such as skidding, mechanical failures, or other unexpected events on the road. These situations can be frightening and lead to a sense of helplessness or vulnerability. Feeling out of control can trigger anxiety or fear, highlighting the importance of control over our own safety and well-being.
  4. We feel strong and able! Driving a car requires skill and competence, especially in demanding or challenging situations. When you feel confident in your driving abilities and are able to handle various road conditions, it reinforces the sense of being in control. Competence and mastery of driving skills can enhance your perception of control and influence your feelings while behind the wheel.
  5. We feel safe! Many individuals have a psychological association of safety with their cars. The car becomes a familiar and trusted environment, a personal space that provides a sense of comfort and security. This association can contribute to the feeling of safety while inside the vehicle.The enclosed space of a car can create a sense of personal space and separation from potential dangers outside. Being inside a car can shield you from adverse weather conditions, noise, or physical threats that you might encounter when outside the vehicle.

What’s the symbolism

The symbolism of a car in dreams might carry the meaning of getting through life, avoiding a situation, succession, taking control in life or slowing down. In general can vary depending on cultural context, personal experiences, and individual interpretations. However, there are some common symbolic meanings associated with cars

  1. Independence and Freedom: Cars often symbolize personal freedom and independence. They represent the ability to travel and explore, offering a sense of autonomy and mobility. Cars can embody the desire for liberation, adventure, and the ability to make choices about one’s own direction and path in life.
  2. Progress and Forward Movement: Cars are associated with progress and forward momentum. They represent a means of transportation that can propel us toward our goals and aspirations. The image of a car can symbolize progress in personal or professional endeavors, taking steps towards achieving success, and moving forward in life.
  3. Control and Power: Cars can be seen as symbols of control and power. The driver of a car holds the power to navigate and control the vehicle, making decisions about direction, speed, and destination. Cars can represent personal control over one’s own life, the ability to make choices, and exert influence over one’s circumstances.
  4. Status and Identity: Cars can also symbolize social status, wealth, and personal identity. The type of car a person drives may be seen as an outward expression of their personality, style, or social standing. Cars can serve as symbols of achievement, luxury, or even reflect specific subcultures or values.
  5. Transformation and Journeys: Cars can symbolize personal transformation and journeys. They represent the vehicle that carries us through various stages of life, experiences, and personal growth. Cars can be seen as symbols of the journey of life, the passage of time, and the changes we undergo as individuals.

It’s important to note that the symbolism of a car can be subjective and can vary across different cultures and individuals. Personal associations and experiences with cars can significantly influence their symbolic meaning in dreams, art, literature, and personal interpretations.


It is only you who understands better what your dreams try to tell you. Shadow work is a trip you undertake alone even when in psychoanalysis!

Other facts

Dreaming is a tool that helps making sense of life and by working on them we can understand ourselves better. Maybe they give us solutions to problems or draw our attention to a specific situation. As Carl Jung stated, the general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that establishes, in a subtle way, the total psychic equilibrium. Remember that any symbol that comes up in a dream most of the time conveys no literal meaning but thinking about what that symbol means to you in real life will help you better understand it. Interpretation of dreams is a lengthy process but it can be a saving tool towards well-being and wellness!

Questions that help interpret a dream that had the symbol of a car in it

  1. How did you feel in the dream? Start by exploring your emotional state during the dream. Did you feel in control, anxious, empowered, or helpless? Understanding your emotions can provide valuable insights into the symbolic meaning of the car in the dream.
  2. What was the condition of the car? Assess the state of the car in the dream. Was it brand new, old, damaged, or malfunctioning? The condition of the car can reflect your perception of your own capabilities, resources, or the current state of your life.
  3. Who was driving the car? Identify the driver of the car in the dream. Were you driving, or was someone else? The driver can represent your sense of agency, control, or the influence of others in your life.
  4. Where were you going? Consider the destination or the purpose of the journey in the dream. Were you headed towards a specific location, or was the driving aimless? The destination can provide clues about your goals, aspirations, or the direction of your life.
  5. Were there any obstacles or challenges? Take note of any obstacles, roadblocks, or difficulties encountered while driving in the dream. These obstacles can represent challenges or hurdles in your waking life that you need to overcome or navigate.
  6. Who were the passengers? If there were passengers in the car, consider their identity and relationship to you. The passengers can symbolize different aspects of your personality, relationships, or influences in your life.
  7. What is your personal relationship with cars? Reflect on your personal associations with cars in your waking life. Do you have positive or negative experiences or feelings related to cars? Your personal relationship with cars can provide additional context and insights into the symbolism in your dream.

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Man and his Symbols by Carl G. Jung


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