How to use the pillow of dreams and manifest your future

Pillow of dreams is a very fun magical tool for your witchcraft chest. Dreaming is the magic process that the human brain is going through while we sleep. It is one of the most tangible things that connects us with other dimensions, past lives and the future. Dreams are subject of interest to many professions like psychology, psychotherapy, neurology, academic research. We shouldn’t forget Freud and his “Interpretations of dreams” which introduced the dream analysis in the psycho-therapeutic process.

Although Freud introduced dream analysis into the modern medicinal world, dream divination is present in almost all the cultures and religions of the world. In ancient Asclepeion patients were sleeping on pillows filled with therapeutic herbs for the gods to reveal the cure to their medical problems. The patient had to walk many miles to reach the Asclepeion. When they arrived the healers put them next to other patients, without feeding them and tired as they were, dreaming would come easily and effortlessly.

In eastern traditions, witches used a pillow of dreams to relax and predict the future. A nice relaxing ritual that you can do is to drink a glass of water before bed. Close your eyes and concentrate on what you would like to learn. You can invoke your higher self or your guardian angel and say these magic words:

[…] you who brings me peace and tranquillity, who carries the gifts of life, hope and relaxation, heal me from my worries and bring me revealing dreams. I want to know […]. Make me sleep light and reveal the answer to my question. Show me what to do and how to achieve my goal.

These words are only a suggestion. You can choose the wording that suits your character and express yourself in unique ways for better results.

It is very easy to make your own custom pillow of dreams. You can pick a piece of textile of your liking and then sew it around to shape a pouch. Fill it with a fair amount of the herbs of your choice and then conceal it into your pillowcase. It doesn’t have to be big. A small purse filled with various herbs can do the job. I write down some of the recommended magical herbs I found in an old recipe. However which herbs you use, that make you relax, it’s totally up to you.

Poppy seeds
Centaurium erythraea
Dry roses
Passion fruit

Witches used to drink another glass of water when they woke up and instantly wrote down their dreams. By doing that yourself you can create your own personal dream calendar and generate your own dream glossary. Because you are the only person that knows yourself better than anyone else, you will start seeing patterns in your dreams that will help you instantly or over time to educe the answers you need. I would suggest getting a nice notebook that can inspire you into writing and keeping it by your bed all the time.

Furthermore, I believe that predicting the future and manifestation have a very thin line between them. When we predict the future, we imagine how our lives will be according to the thoughts we have now and the actions we take to go where we want to be. And with a little intuition, we can understand what lies ahead by looking at the signs we are given. So dreaming can be a very useful tool to manifest the life we want.

If only you could be the author of your own book! Before bed, write down your hopes and wishes and how you see yourself in the next few years. Then do the ritual above so it will be revealed to you the way and the actions you have to take to achieve that goal.

I am having my own pillow of dreams and over the last ten years, I managed to generate my own dream glossary. There are types of dreams and signs that repeating themselves. Other dreams come back and others have been long gone after I reached my goals. Stay calm, keep positive and come back to me with your experiences or with anything you would like to add on the subject of dreams and witchcraft.


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"I am Yiota, a dreamweaver on the path to becoming a Jungian analyst. Within the realms of dreams, fantasies, and the profound symbolism of Jung, I carve a space to unveil my unwavering passion for ancient folklore traditions, the mystical artistry of witchcraft, and the ethereal realms of metaphysics. In the enchanting crossroads where Jungian archetypes intertwine with the tapestry of mythology, alchemy, and the mystique of witchcraft, there you shall discover me. Navigate the currents of your dreams as you journey forward, and may the enchantment of your deepest desires materialize like a spell woven by a benevolent witch."

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