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The collective Shadow in religious literature and Netflix

It is the end of May, I submitted my last assignment for the year and I wonder what am I going to do until September. Don’t get me wrong! I have plenty to do as a full-time mom. But I ask what should I feed my head while waiting for the new semester. The answer came to me easily while I was skimming in my notebook where I found the following quote along with the note collective shadow in religious literature and Netflix ”study fairy tales and you study the anatomy of the man” Carl Jung It was a call to action...

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I am very grateful to all my shoes! And before I tell you all about my own shoes I would like to share with you 3 fun things you should know about your shoes and they will blew your mind! Fun thing number 1! Well, first thing is that most off us have heard that women are crazy about shoes which is almost weird sometimes. I recently read that Celine Dion declared she owns 10,000 pairs. It is a bit extravagant even for the range of a public figure like Dion. But anyway, I feel her! To keep ahead, I...

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How to use the pillow of dreams and manifest your future

Pillow of dreams is a very fun magical tool for your witchcraft chest. Dreaming is the magic process that the human brain is going through while we sleep. It is one of the most tangible things that connects us with other dimensions, past lives and the future. Dreams are subject of interest to many professions like psychology, psychotherapy, neurology, academic research. We shouldn’t forget Freud and his “Interpretations of dreams” which introduced the dream analysis in the psycho-therapeutic process. Although Freud introduced dream analysis into the modern medicinal world, dream divination is present in almost all the cultures and religions...