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The collective Shadow in religious literature and Netflix

It is the end of May, I submitted my last assignment for the year and I wonder what am I going to do until September. Don’t get me wrong! I have plenty to do as a full-time mom. But I ask what should I feed my head while waiting for the new semester. The answer came to me easily while I was skimming in my notebook where I found the following quote along with the note collective shadow in religious literature and Netflix ”study fairy tales and you study the anatomy of the man” Carl Jung It was a call to action...

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Calendula, Calendula Greek Witchcraft, and Folklore

When I was a young girl, I spent lots of my time in my grandma’s garden. Outside her front door, there was a big metal barrel, which was made like a huge pot. There were different kinds of short plants in it. There were plants in it that were blooming at specific times of the year, but there was just one yellow-orange flower that was blooming at the beginning of every single month. My grandma used the name katifes to describe it. We commonly know it as Calendula I cut its flowers and its leaves, and I mixed it with...