I am very grateful to all my shoes! And before I tell you all about my own shoes I would like to share with you 3 fun things you should know about your shoes and they will blew your mind!

Fun thing number 1!

Well, first thing is that most off us have heard that women are crazy about shoes which is almost weird sometimes. I recently read that Celine Dion declared she owns 10,000 pairs. It is a bit extravagant even for the range of a public figure like Dion. But anyway, I feel her! To keep ahead, I have to say that it is not just money that allows us such a collection but mainly the calling for it. According to Suzzan Ferris shoes are perceived as a collector’s items that will trigger the collecting spot in the female brain. Even though it might sound stereotypical, nothing like that! It is just our collectors nature! Embrace it!

I miss all of my old pairs. I remember almost all of them. We lived together great moments and I am sure, even though I don’t remember specifically, I had at least one extraordinary time with each one of them . So, yes I am grateful to all of my pairs of shoes as they got me so far. They suffer the bumps on the roads. They were pushed too hard when I was in hurry. They smell bad when I used them in hot weather, they were worn out when I refused to let go of them. I never throw them away! I always donate them! That is the least I can do to show my respect and agony to what will come to them, just like they are capable servants in retirement.

Fun thing number 2!

There are tones of meanings in dreaming dictionaries on how to interpret a dream about shoes. I really lost track while I was researching about this article on how many different meanings one can find for the same shoe scenario in a dream. However, Mary Luis Von Franz, a Jungian analyst, said in the documentary “The Way of the Dreams” that the dream dictionaries are rubbish. One can not interpret a dream unless it is relevant to their past or their very resent experiences. It has to resonate with you. Ideally someone who knows you, your therapist maybe, can help with such interpretations.

When I first moved to England I saw a dream. It was one of my first dreams I wrote down. I was actually in Southampton, but I dreamt that I was back home in Athens. “I am in my parents house and it is midnight. I know that I have to catch the plane and I am in a hurry. I put all my shoes in a cardboard box to take them with me. When I say all, I mean all of my lifetime’s shoes so far. Shoes I had as a baby, shoes I had as a child, as a young adult and my shoes I was actually wearing, they all went into the cardboard. I walk barefoot on the plane’s corridor. I feel the carpet underneath my soles. A cosy tickle and a feeling of freedom! The air plane takes off! One of the cupboards opens wide and all my shoes fell on the floor

Even though Mary Luis Von Franz wouldn’t agree, we are open to interpretations so, leave your message here if you feel like it!

Fun thing number 3!

All kinds of shoes are powerful little fun things. They tell a lot about a persons taste and identity. The culture and social statues they live in, their gender and even sexual preferences. Without them moving around would be a nightmare. I am thinking about the lego pieces my kids left on the floor and that is how I know about nightmares! Shoes get us up to walk, to work, to party! They don’t just support our capabilities, but our emotional lives as well. Shoes are always there! It’s a cultural phenomena that apart from some materials and styles serve the same purpose. To support and highlight the self!

I remember when I was at my early teens, I used to have a pair of high heels with very thick soles. They were in style back at the beginning of 2000s! But I was very thin and tiny and they were very heavy. It was funny to watch me try to lift one foot while the other was heavily grounded. I stomped on the ground like an ant into elephants boots! But then it was a style that comes around again and again since the ancient world, when actors in ancient theatres wore shoes like that called kothornoi, with very high heals to elevate themselves to be impressive and visible to their audience. I am sure they served me a relevant purpose!

Among other fun things about shoes, I found that Amos Russel Wells delivered the idea of what shoes mean to us very precisely and I am just grateful for having read this poem! I hope you will enjoy it!

old shoes
My ideal shoes!

My old shoes

They are dwellings of comfort and rest,
So easily, friendlily worn;
They have fashioned a leathery nest
For each individual corn.
By many a brotherly mile
They have molded themselves to my feet,
Submitting their angles the while
Till the union is fair and complete.
They have known how to want or abound,
Have cared not for blacking and pride,
And have suffered full many a wound
With me as their negligent guide.
What gay recollections they share
Of sweet-plodding league after league,
Fern forests, and glittering air,
And honest, contented fatigue!

I have brought them and they have brought me
Thus far on an intricate road,
And though they are homely to see,
They deserve a congratulant ode.
And I fear me the Golden Street
(The Scriptures I would not abuse)
Will not feel just right to my feet
Unless I can wear my old shoes.
by Amos Russel Wells


Image by nihan güzel daştan from Pixabay

Featured image by Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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