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7 tips on how to survive academic exams in Psychology during motherhood 0

7 Tips on How to survive academic exams in Psychology during motherhood

How do you do this? Is this doable? I don’t think you can do it! Well, let me share with you 7 tips on how to survive academic exams in Psychology during motherhood! But before I would like to share a little about my experience. As a full-time mom, staying at home as I have no other choice because of my special circumstances I decided last year to study my year 2 Psychology degree full-time, contrary to year 1 that I finished within a year and a half. I found that I had the time and the energy to juggle...

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5 tips for witches to help with panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks can interrupt you without giving you warnings. You are just working on a spell, you summon a spirit or you read your favourite magic books and out of the blue, your inner demon jumps out and grabs you by the neck. How are you going to help it cool down? This article has been written to suggest techniques for managing your anxiety when you realise that a panic attack is about to strike. 5 tips on how to help your panic attack are not just for fellow witches but they are for everyone who needs them....

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I am very grateful to all my shoes! And before I tell you all about my own shoes I would like to share with you 3 fun things you should know about your shoes and they will blew your mind! Fun thing number 1! Well, first thing is that most off us have heard that women are crazy about shoes which is almost weird sometimes. I recently read that Celine Dion declared she owns 10,000 pairs. It is a bit extravagant even for the range of a public figure like Dion. But anyway, I feel her! To keep ahead, I...