5 tips on how to rewire your brain toward success

Before we talk about 5 tips on how to rewire your brain towards success we owe to tell that the whole essence of manifestation begins with what kind of mindset you have and how to rewire your brain toward success. The stuff that we have wired our brain with creates patterns of thoughts that repeat themselves and that is why we are predictable and get unsurprising outcomes. A person that knows you well, like a long-term partner or a psychotherapist might be able to say with great accuracy how you are going to behave in a specific situation.

To my opinion, the problem is not to be predictable. Being predictable and being aware of the way we react in situations can be very helpful and save us time and unnecessary worries. The problem starts there where the brain, and specifically the subconscious maintains these core beliefs that do not allow the individual to take risks and thrive. Before we check the 5 tips on how to rewire your brain toward success let’s talk a little bit about these core beliefs.

A very common example of that is when we are stuck in a work environment that is not fulfilling and we do nothing to change our situation because of fear and uncertainty of the future. We find a tone of excuses in order to sabotage the self to stay away from anything that might improve our position in life. Apart from the obvious financial reasons that in our contemporary world are very legitimate fears, there are subconscious activities that prevent the individual from overcoming the fears of uncertainty and acting on the things that are true to themselves.

These core beliefs are danger alert signals the subconscious brings to the surface every time the individual tries to make a change. The subconscious acts compulsively to “rescue” the individual from itself. In the previous article, we spoke about how the Shadow of a person is hidden in the Subconscious and comes out every time a conflict takes place. The Shadow is not working against the individual only when the individual co-operates and starts to work towards a more harmonious existence between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash
Rewire your brain towards success Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Although it is not easy to break the core beliefs, there are ways to establish new ideas and use them repetitively to rewire the brain towards success. For this to happen a significant state of awareness and willingness for change is required. If awareness is present then what you need is the tools to rewire the brain to achieve your goals and live the life you want and deserve.

Usually, I like to talk about manifestation as it is the whole essence of witchcraft. But because my personal Shadow demands more logical explanations, I want to learn as much as I can about neuroplasticity. In this way, I might be able to answer why when I say to myself that tomorrow I am going to get a free coffee from Starbucks and actually happens, why does it happen? Why the law of attraction that was a revelation to us at the beginning of the 21st century was not a mumble jumble idea but has scientific bases in brain science and neuroplasticity.

A few words about Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is a general term that refers to the brain’s ability to modify habitual patterns, change them and adopt new information. For many years scientists believed that the brain adopted its set of mind at a very young age and that the person would go through their life with the same mindset as when they were young. However, recent research has proven that this is not at all the case and that the brain is capable of changing and adopting new habits, thoughts, and beliefs at any moment of the human’s life. I feel tremendous joy and gratitude to have been born in this area where technology allows us to observe how the brain functions as many things we believed in the past were impossible now create new perspectives and free our thoughts from the prejudice of the unknown.

Why do you need to set goals?

Setting precise and clear goals is the first step you need to take toward your dream life. Not having a vision is like drifting from one side of the road to the other without having a wheel to steer your vehicle to the right direction. Creating a vision and setting clear goals about what you need in your life is your steering wheel to get you where you need to go. Writing them down or creating a vision board with images might be one of the ways to organise your visions. Don’t worry if some of your wishes overlap or change while you move on with your life. They are not set in stone! You can make changes along the way, as long as you are true to yourself and are aware of what your inner self really needs.

Some questions that you could ask yourself in order to help you create your vision Board

  • What do you want to change in your life
  • Where do you want to live
  • How do you want to live
  • How much money do you want to make per year
  • Who do you want to live with
  • What steps are you going to take (some goals require specific skills that you need to accumulate before you reach them)
  • What are some of the experiences you want to have i.e. take holidays, experience romantic love

Don’t forget to be grateful for the things you already have and want them to be with you in your new life. It is important to understand that even if you are not there yet, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t already achieved some of your goals. Everything you have is the outcome of our wishes and goals you had in the past. You have to decide if you are going to keep or set loose some of the things you already have.

How to sustain your motivational levels?

It is very common to set goals, feel excited about them and start running full speed toward them but after a while, your excitement and energy levels fade away. Eventually, you forget about your goals and that you even ever created a vision board. So how to sustain your motivational levers to the point that helps you achieve your goals?

Firstly, let’s clarify that motivation is not just one thing but a combination of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and skills of yourself.

If you

  • understand what you are going to accomplice when obtaining your goals
  • believe that you are going to achieve your goals
  • have the skills needed to achieve your goals
  • are aware of your emotions that are responsible for driving you towards or away from your goals

then you are armored with the motivation that will keep you going.

5 tips on how to rewire your brain toward success

5 tips on how to rewire your brain toward success help you adapt more healthy and productive habitual thoughts to become your team player rather than your constant opponent

  • Awareness of your thoughts: become aware of your automatic thoughts, patterns, and beliefs because they are controlling your life and might need tuning or changing
  • Set precise goals: Realise who you want to be and set your goals accurately and in detail. Set yearly goals and then break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals
  • Balance your motivational elements: Believing you can do it and knowing how you are going to feel when obtaining your goals balances the conscious and unconscious mind to work harmoniously together for your benefit
  • Adjust your emotions: as they are the fuel to your vehicle that will drive you towards your wishes.
  • Celebrate your momentums: In psychology momentums are small moments of glory that need to be spotted and celebrated to influence your mindset and your environment towards greater inspiration. If, for example, you wish to become a successful writer and you won the writing competition in your first year of studies, know that you are a step forward towards your goal. Feel good about it! Praise yourself and be grateful! Don’t let small things go unnoticed. Share with your environment!


  • Control your body habits: Because the mind is inseparably connected with your body you need to adjust your body’s habits to set the message that you love your mind as well as your body and you are willing to do everything in your power to keep both safe and happy. Find some time to exercise and work towards a healthier diet.
  • Get productive where it counts: If you want to succeed then you need to work towards it. Effective activities can get you on the right route toward your goals even if you are at the beginning of your dream career. Take a training or sign up for an afternoon lesson relevant to your dream job
  • Neurolinguistic programming: are scientific exercises that help your mind focus and regulate thoughts, habits, beliefs, and emotions. There are a plethora of applications for IOS and Android with such exercises. Instead of spending your time scrolling down on social media you could just solve a puzzle or play a brain game. Another way to build a more focused mindset is by learning a new language. Doo lingo is the best option to start a language and it definitely keeps you away from pointless online drifting
  • Building your mindset: Gather the right bricks with which you construct your new mindset. One of my pallets of bricks is positive affirmations that I listen to before bed
  • Get into the state of flow: Manage your stress levels and identify and break harmful habitual systems to balance the relationship between conscious and unconscious.

Rewiring your brain is a long process that needs dedication and resilience to actually achieve significant changes but if you are reading this article you are already aware and willing to work towards a better self. This article was just an introduction to how the brain can be rewired and further research is needed with more articles to come. Relevant articles will become available according to the needs of our readers, so in the meantime please feel free to share your thoughts and tell us if there are any topics you would like to read from us.


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