Are Manifestation and Witchcraft the one and the same?

Manifestation is the expression of the perception that we have of our physical world. From the beginning of our lives, we receive ideas and images and that create our reality, and the way that we process them is what makes them come true to our world. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are impressed upon the subconscious mind are the way to make something pass in reality. If Manifestation and Witchcraft give us positive or negative results is important at this point. The real question here is, how and why do we see results from Manifestation or Witchcraft? By imagining and believing in something strongly, accepting it as your truth will make the subconscious mind automatically accept it and work on summoning it your way.


Saying that something will manifest in front of me doesn’t mean that it will come without effort and it will jump out of the thin air. The strongest beliefs that we have usually take time and we need to act on them to be developed into our imagination at first. When the witches wanted something very much they tried through their craft to obtain it. Both Manifestation and Witchcraft use a similar process that corresponds to the law of attraction technique. It didn’t matter what they seek. That could be love, money, or power. The first step to getting what they wanted was to imagine it and then believe that they had it. And to make that belief strong enough was to cast a spell or read a ritual or write down the things that they wanted for themselves. That is not enough! Believing is one thing but knowing is the key. And knowing means that after you cast your spell or meditate on your wishes you know you are going to get them, so you forget about them and move on with your day.
Let’s go back to Manifestation and Witchcraft now! There are many techniques that witches used to obtain what they wanted, and many of them, if not all of them, correspond to the techniques people use, in the contemporary world, to manifest their reality in the way that they wish it to be.

  • Vision Boards: the art of images and words combined together in a collage to help imagination flourish and expand the literacy of the mind.
  • Intention Journal: Write down the ideas and beliefs that you think are going to embrace yourself into the person that you want to become
  • Belief assessment: Re-evaluation of your belief system and deliberately reprogramming your brain.
  • Gratitude Journal: Take a few minutes per day, usually before bed, to reflect on what you are thankful for.
  • Bedtime reprogramming: Write down or record with your own voice your wishes and the beliefs you want to strengthen and meditate on them before going to bed.
  • Letter from Future Self: A creative writing technique where you talk to your past self describing your life in the future.
  • Manifestation Affirmations: Create your own positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself regularly.
  • Outside the box: Act towards the things that you want by getting out of your comfort zone as much as possible.
  • Prayer Practice
  • Positive Networks
  • Permission Practice: Give permission to yourself to be more flexible and allow your mind to change some strong beliefs that might have and keep you back.
  • Act the Part: Actually, act as if you already have the object of your desire.
  • Inner Child Embrace
  • Higher Self Visualization
Manifest 3

Many of the manifestation techniques above require writing, praying, or acting. In magic spells, a very fundamental aspect is writing. Apart from literature and the witches’ grimoires, writing is used in magic spells. In plenty of spells, witches needed a papyrus and ink to write their desires on it and then, by following the spell’s recipe, either burnt the papyri or kept it on them for a specific amount of time or tosh it to the dirt, etc. Writing in both Manifestation and Magic spells is so vital because when we write something it tends to stick with us. The subconscious can process the information more easily rather than just read something or only imagine it. I remember when I was in school, one of the very old-fashioned techniques that my teachers used to make me and my peers learn something, was that of repetition. To write and rewrite something until it gets familiar to us. Although I wouldn’t embrace that kind of learning with my students, I can see the value of it, in teaching the subconscious, or better in reprogramming the brain with new, more valuable, and more useful beliefs, in order to help the manifestations come to pass.

The law of manifestation speaks to my heart. I understand it, I have been doing baby steps with it for almost ten years now, and I have seen the fruits of my effort. What I would like to explore, further, and I would like to have your intuition on that, as well, if you have ever tried it, is if manifestation can be spiced up with some magic spells. Let’s explore how it works and if using, for example, candles or essential oils and making rituals, would make the new beliefs and manifestations flourish easier and quicker. Please feel free to share with us any of your magical experiences. Any success stories of manifestation or anything you like to comment about.



"I am Yiota, a dreamweaver on the path to becoming a Jungian analyst. Within the realms of dreams, fantasies, and the profound symbolism of Jung, I carve a space to unveil my unwavering passion for ancient folklore traditions, the mystical artistry of witchcraft, and the ethereal realms of metaphysics. In the enchanting crossroads where Jungian archetypes intertwine with the tapestry of mythology, alchemy, and the mystique of witchcraft, there you shall discover me. Navigate the currents of your dreams as you journey forward, and may the enchantment of your deepest desires materialize like a spell woven by a benevolent witch."

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