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5 tips on how to rewire your brain toward success

Before we talk about 5 tips on how to rewire your brain towards success we owe to tell that the whole essence of manifestation begins with what kind of mindset you have and how to rewire your brain toward success. The stuff that we have wired our brain with creates patterns of thoughts that repeat themselves and that is why we are predictable and get unsurprising outcomes. A person that knows you well, like a long-term partner or a psychotherapist might be able to say with great accuracy how you are going to behave in a specific situation. To my...

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The collective Shadow in religious literature and Netflix

It is the end of May, I submitted my last assignment for the year and I wonder what am I going to do until September. Don’t get me wrong! I have plenty to do as a full-time mom. But I ask what should I feed my head while waiting for the new semester. The answer came to me easily while I was skimming in my notebook where I found the following quote along with the note collective shadow in religious literature and Netflix ”study fairy tales and you study the anatomy of the man” Carl Jung It was a call to action...