How to Make moon water under Bloody moon

Under October’s bloody moon we are making moon water for cleansing and empowering new beginnings. ‘Hunter’s moon’ is October’s full moon. It takes its name from the indigenous America tradition where the hunters used the full moon’s light to spot their prey. Contrary to the common belief, ‘Hunter’s moon’ is no brighter than usual. Only difference is its dawn happens earlier which gave the hunters the advantage of time to hunt longer under a bright sky.

October’s full moon is known with another very common name. The ‘Bloody moon’! According to which phase the moon is in it will give a spooky effect on Halloween night. ‘Bloody moon’ can happen on a Halloween night, although, it is very rare. It happens every 18 to 19 years and the last time was 2020.

Bloody moon and witchcraft

For the purpose of this article, we will continue to refer to it as the ‘bloody moon’ so we will not get confused. Because it appears very early in the afternoon you can see it at the horizon and it tricks you that is bigger than usual, but it is not. What happens is you are observing it through a thicker atmosphere that spreads more blue light and allows red light to reach your eyes.

Witches were very keen on the bloody moon as it was their chance to talk to the souls of their ancestors. There are lots of rituals that the witches would use to call upon help or just chat with a departed soul. To speak with the spirits of the aether they used additional tools like herbs and stones to keep away the forceful energies they couldn’t control and just consult the peaceful spirits.

Moon water recipe

Fill up a glassed bottle with water. I would do rain water, but any water can do. I would suggest a new one, but any should be fine as long as it is clean and shiny. You can add your favourite stones in it to clean them and empower them and they will also give their properties to your water. Don’t forget to put the lid on. Take it out to the full moon on a single hour and leave it there before the first light of dawn. Bring it in before the first light and it is ready for use.

The moon water can be made in any full moon of the year although some moons are stronger than others like the imminent one. Good luck with your ritual and let us know how it went!

When to make moon water

On a full moon night, you have a good chance to get your moon water ready. It is believed that the water is charged under the full moon. The moon energy is more powerful and it has a great effect on the human mind as it gets more connected and closer to the source. In a full moon night, our intuitions are greater and we can feel more open to the universal energy that takes care of everything.

With the moon water we can bless new beginnings. Either we are looking for a new job or looking for our soulmate. Water moon can charge positively any attempt to refresh ourselves and bring magical power into our path. From the very next morning moon water can clean out all the bad energy of the past and embrace a new self.

Other uses

  • clean the magical crystals and your home with it
  • add it to your relaxing bath
  • water your plants
  • add it to your air freshener by adding your favourite essential oils and some alcohol
  • spray it to your body as energy cleanser
  • clean yourself from the bad energy that you got from somebody else

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